English Challenge Test is required for all new first-time students attending UoB and for all students who wish to enroll in a higher English level course or get an exemption from a certain level. If you are a non-native English speaker or attended junior and senior high school, we strongly recommend that you take the English Challenge Test. This test is best suited to assess your skills. The ECT has been designed for students coming from other Schools or HEIs who have either IELTS 5.0 or may have attained 90% or above in the placement test. The purpose of the English Placement test is to measure your listening, grammar, reading, writing and study skills. Results will determine whether or not you're ready to undertake college-level course or if you need to further develop your skills under GFP. Based on your results, you will be placed into a level of English appropriate to your skill level. In this manner, your probability of success will be increased.